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On January 16th, 2013 my wife and I will begin a new phase of our lives as we venture over 300 miles out of our comfort zone of NWA and move to Memphis to follow what we believe is God’s call on our lives during this time. We have absolutely zero doubt that this is a moment that God has called us to and our single greatest desire as a family is to constantly be in His will for our lives.

This decision did not come quickly or easily. As someone who has spent a lot of time in the financial industry I put a lot of thought into whether or not this would create too much stress on our finances. It was during the decision making time that we received a phone call that, as I see it, might as well have been God speaking on the other end. We have been offered a condo in Midtown Memphis that will lift a huge financial burden off of our shoulders. We knew then that God was beginning to show us what exactly he has planned for us.

Why Memphis?

It only seems natural, considering I attended college for many years before finally graduating, that I should be a college student once again.

As a youth pastor for the past 3+ years, God has revealed over and over again that my calling in life was to be a pastor. As I begin to prepare for that role I see it necessary to allow myself the opportunity to be trained and equipped so that I might become a greater church leader and a greater communicator of the Gospel. In response to that, I will be attending Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary ( where I will be pursuing a Master of Divinity degree as a full-time student. The thought of this is very exciting to me.

Besides God, my wife is the real hero in this story. Her overwhelming support coupled with her unashamed love of Jesus has made this a true possibility. Besides her being the primary breadwinner for the next 3 years, she is moving to a strange town and leaving her life in NWA behind. Don’t get me wrong, she is beyond excited about this opportunity and is really looking forward to this next phase of our lives. She has been a great pastor’s wife for the past year, will be a great seminary wife for the next three, and will once again be a great pastor’s wife for the rest of our years.

So there ya go. We are going to Memphis. Leaving my family is the most difficult part of the move but that is why God made FaceTime right? Leaving my students is beyond difficult as I have thoroughly enjoyed having a front row seat to their lives as they grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. I cant wait to see what Christ has prepared for their future.

How can you help? Pray for a seamless transition and for a peaceful time in that transition. Above all, pray that Christ is lifted up and glorified in our lives.

For my joy and His glory,